Firmware release V0.4.23

– Fixed NTP synchronisation ( forced option through “ntp” command over telnet )
– Fixed resend of ACK on SIA3 report ( fixed duplicate Sia text / Sia codes )
– Merged settings and wireless into 1 config file
– Added the update interface into the config portal
– Enabled displaying of SIA3 log messages in config portal
– Status in the config portal is refreshed every 15 seconds
– Enabling autodiscovery now works in the config portal
– Altering the connection preference is locked as scanning for Wifi networks interrupts to much.

To change between ethernet and wifi mode, open the AP.

Every save button in the config portal saves the entire config, no need to press every individual one. Once saved, the module will reboot and load up the new settings, enabling the autodiscovery takes a few seconds so the config portal might not immediately available.

The date / time display of SIA3 message arrival is depending on the panel. By default, SIA3 messages only have a time stamp. When NTP is enabled, the datum from the module is appended or, enabled menu 51.95 when available so that the panel sends the full date.