Home of the Galaxy Gateway module.

Offers a way to extract data from a Honeywell Galaxy Dimension and Galaxy Flex intruder alarm panel and forward it to MQTT, KNX or Modbus TCP / RTU for home automation purposes. Currently a full Home Assistant integration is realised from having a virtual keypad to full group status, remote arming / disarming and everything in between. An external tamper connection provides feedback to the panel tampering the virtual keypad or virtual rio and alerting over MQTT securing the modules installation.


– Zone states & control
– Output states & control
– Group states & control
– RF mapping and temperature *
– RF key fob capture *
– DCM and Max door status
– Virtual keypad
– Virtual rio’s & control
– NTP time synchronisation
– Event report processing
* RF portal required

Home assistant integration:

– Group card
– Virtual keypad
– MQTT autodiscovery


– Board has both wifi and ethernet connectivity
– Onboard RS232, RS485 and power supply allowing power either from the alarm panel or from POE
– External tamper connection signalling to the panel and over MQTT / KNX


Installation schema for Galaxy Gateway and Honeywell Galaxy Dimension and Flex