Which alarm panels are supported?

As it stands Honeywell Galaxy G3, Dimension and Flex have been fully tested.

Can I use this module with a different home automation system?

Yes, MQTT is an open standard and since all information is exposed, it should be possible to integrated it for example into Homie or any other home automation platform. Here is an example:

Will you build an integration with home automation platform xyz?

Unless there is a significant interest, no. I’ve made the home assistant integration ( the specific virtual keypad and group cards ) out of self-interest as it is what I am using, however from what I’ve seen it that most platforms even though they support MQTT, have some specifics on how to import the data and visualise it.

Can I receive notifications on a mobile for alarm events?

Yes, with Home Assistant you can do this through the application for Android or iOS and use automations in HA. Please have a look here for a how to: LINK

Can I use the GX remote application simultaneously?

Yes, the module does not restrict the use of other modules, it either utilises RS232 or a existing ethernet module for control. No functionality is taken away and having the module pull data over ethernet does not interfere with GX Remote or RSS / UMS or central station monitoring.

Can I monitor multiple RS485 lines?

Unfortunately no, you would need multiple modules in order todo that. Advise would be to place all critical components on 1 data line like RF Portals, DCM and Max readers since that data cannot be gotten elsewhere.

Is any data transmitted to the internet?

No, the module can operate without any internet connection and doesn’t need it except if NTP is enabled and a server is selected on the internet to provide date / time synchronisation.

What type of KNX is currently supported?

Currently KNX over IP ( UDP ) is implemented. It allows for all the controls and statuses to be retrieved. Only the virtual keypad is not possible as it stands.

Can my installation still be certified for police response / insurance purposes?

This is a bit complicated and different regions, different rules and regulations. Generally speaking yes, according to EN50131 there is some room to allow for this up until a certain risk level. Even though the module itself is not certified by an accredited instance, the features incorporated and proper installation by an alarm engineer can comply with all regulation based on good practice given the engineer documents it. Your alarm engineer can tell you more or reach out to us through the contact page for more information.